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Trump to Sen. Thom Tillis: ‘Admit You Like Me!’

Vulnerable Republican Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) was made to feel “uncomfortable” during a Thursday fundraising event at Trump International Hotel after the president demanded he voice his allegiance to him.

According to Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey, Trump informed a crowd at the event that Tillis “didn’t like [him] at first.” He then asked that Tillis stand up.

“Admit it, you like me now,” the president demanded.


Sources inside the room claim that Tillis looked “super uncomfortable” during the exchange.

It should come as no surprise that Trump feels content treating Tillis as his stooge. The embattled senator is currently advancing a political campaign that shamelessly touts his close ties and unequivocal support for the President. As such, Tillis is incapable of voicing even the slightest criticism of the corrupt president.

Take for example the impeachment proceedings against Trump. Instead of holding Trump to account, Tillis came out in support of his brazen abuse of power. He actually defended foreign interference in our elections. And then he criticized Democrats for maintaining their oath to uphold the Constitution.

Or take the fact that Tillis voted twice to let Trump steal $80 million dollars in funding for military bases and preparedness in his state. Funding for housing, schooling, and ambulatory care for military families were all plundered. But military be damned when your loyalty for a corrupt president is in question.

With all things considered, it makes complete sense that Tillis would bow to even the most humiliating demands of the president. This fierce loyalty to Trump, however, seems to be a short-sighted political calculation considering his looming bid for reelection in an increasingly purple state.

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